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Chuong Mon = Grand Master


Su Phu = Chief Instructor of the school. Chinese spelling is "Sifu".  In order to be called Su Phu or Sifu, you must have your own school.


Su Huynh = Older Brother (honorable way to address Brown and Black Belts that do not have their own schools)


Su Ty =  Older Sister (honorable way to address Brown and Black Belts that do not have their own schools)

Congratulations to Su Huynh Magglio Castro.  He earned his Black Sash on June 26, 2004.  The Test started with Magglio Castro's Bowing Ceremony to the ancestors and to Su Phu Tony Jordan and Grand Master Hong Nhan.  Then the test began!  This test was in front of a very distinguished board consisting of Grand Master Hong Nhan, Su Phu Tony Jordan, Su Ty Linh Le, Dr. David Grago, Sibok Philip Jordan, and Sifu Eddie Batiste.  It was evident that Magglio was very nervous, but confident with his skills and techniques. 

After the test Su Huynh Castro was awarded his rank and his Kung Fu name:  Hoang Thanh Nhan - Blue & Yellow Eagle.  The pale blue color stands for Devotion while the vibrant yellow color stands for Wisdom.  Together these 2 colors represent the qualities of a good teacher.  We believe that Magglio will be a great teacher and continue the traditions of Tay Son Nhan.  We welcome Magglio to our family!!!


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